Sourcing the finest local produce available, the menu at Vivo Palm Cove combines modern Australian with a Mediterranean feel and an Asian influence to reflect our climatic conditions.

Our talented team in the kitchen, led by head chef Tim Gibb, is passionate about flavour and quality and take enormous pride in every dish they produce, resulting in a dining experience to match this naturally stunning setting.

In addition to our a la carte menu, we also offer a fixed price dinner menu which changes weekly. You have a choice of two ($39) or three ($49) courses which includes a glass of De Bortoli 'Vivo' Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz.

vanilla bean / organic yoghurt pannacotta, medjool dates, roasted pistachio, macadamias, sunflower seeds, chilli caramel,
basil leaves

goldilocks' rice porridge
jasmine / vanilla rice porridge, medjool dates, dried cranberries,
haigh's honey, crushed pistachio, full cream / skim / soy milk

house made roasted granola, toasted mixed nuts / seeds,
dried cranberries / goji berries, mungali creek organic yoghurt,
mixed berry compote

oven baked brioche, vanilla bean caramelised peaches,
crispy streaky bacon, pure maple syrup, mungali organic yoghurt

with homemade preserves

vienna, wood-fired ciabatta, brioche or light rye

gluten free
organic fruit bread

two yamagishi happy eggs
poached, fried or scrambled, vienna toast

byron bay bacon

chargrilled angus minute steak

sauteed baby spinach

lemon pepper hashbrown
sage / thyme roasted tomato

lemon hollandaise

avocado tableland ham

beetroot cured atlantic salmon

shitake / field mushrooms

two poached happy eggs, lemon hollandaise, sautéed baby spinach,
vienna toast, with
tableland ham
atlantic salmon

shredded ham hock omelette, gruyere cheese, cherry tomatoes,
spring onion, baby watercress, tomato chutney, fennel pollen aioli,
toasted brioche bun

hotcake stack
buttermilk hotcakes, russell river bananas, pistachio / macadamia nut crumble, pure maple syrup, mungali double cream, berry coulis

nasi goreng
gulf prawns, fried jasmine rice, sauteed wombok / beanshoots /
asian herbs / spring onion, crispy shallots, toasted peanuts,
housemade sambal, fried yamagashi egg

vivo's big breakfast
two poached yamagashi eggs, byron bay bacon, sauteed spinach,
chargrilled angus minute steak, sage / thyme roasted tomato,
lemon pepper hashbrown

vivo's smoked salmon
'hot-smoked' atlantic salmon, ricotta / spinach roschti,
avocado crush / preserved lemon, poached yamagishi egg,
cherry tomato / boccocini / vivo's garden basil pesto, apple balsamic glaze

crab omelette

wok fried chilli / lime omelette, sand crab / bean sprouts / capsicum / asian herb salad, crispy shallots, nam jim dressing

tiger prawns, coconut crepe, eschallots, peanuts, wombok, bean shoots, chilli, shredded sesame omelette, crispy onion, house made sambal

dippy egg, toast soldiers, bacon, mini fruit salad, monkey banana

banana smoothie
sunrise smoothie

vivo's own 'traditional' lemonade
served over ice in a tall glass, lemon, lime, finished with fresh mint from our garden

coconut water - 100% pure, all natural

iced tea
freshly brewed, poured over lots of ice in a tall glass, dash of pure honey, citrus wedges

milk shakes
chocolate, strawberry, caramel, vanilla
mocha milkshake

espresso, ristretto
cappuccino, flat white, caffe latte, piccolo latte, long black, macchiato
long macchiato
iced coffee
iced latte
chai latte
matcha green tea latte

double shot espresso blended with ice cream , dash of vanilla, milk, ice

australian breakfast, earl grey, china jasmine, peppermint,
honeydew / green, chamomille, lemongrass / ginger
punjabi chai

domain chandon with fresh orange juice

belvedere vodka, tomato juice, fresh horseradish, galway pipe tawny port, tabasco and worcestershire sauce, lemon and salt